Time Management

Many people have heard the phrases “energy flows where attention goes” and “you get what you think about”, but what does this really mean? Many of my clients speak of having spent time concentrating on what they want to achieve and then getting frustrated when it didn’t happen. There’s one simple reason for this and it’s TIME. Thinking about something and doing something about it are two different things. When we give something our time then we do both: thought and action. Thought, action and speech are our tools for creation in this life. The more we can apply our thoughts and actions … Continue reading Time Management

The “I’ve Done” List

Why the I’ve Done list is as important as the To Do list: One of the best production tools I’ve ever used is my I’ve Done list. My To Do list gets written every night before I go to bed: a considered and realistic list of items to be ticked off the following day. Typically these sit in two categories of: Things I need to do Things I want to Asterisk the ones which make me money. Highlight the ones which are good for me. Delete as many of the others as possible. That’s a simple To Do list efficiency tool because … Continue reading The “I’ve Done” List